Our policies

Mediumterm agreements

Since the mid 90s, the financial framework for the operations of the Danish police has been laid down in a mediumterm agreement, the most recent of which has run for four years to 2019. The parties to the agreement are the Danish Government and the National Commission of the Danish Police, which is the employer for the police districts. 

The National Police Commission then draws up an action plan on the basis of the agreed financial framework. Briefly, each police district receives a general purpose appropriation, and organizes and prioritises its services in accordance with a set of guidelines. 

One of the latest mediumterm agreement has been followed up by the politicians with a number of demands in relation to new tasks:
To initiate neighbourhood police activities, adopting a new pro-active way of working, “problem-oriented crime prevention”. The new method involves analysing a neighbourhood problem and taking preventive measures before crime takes place, in contrast to the traditional approach of solving crimes after they have been committed.

In addition, extra resources have been allocated to combating gang crime, following Government calls for more action in this area.

Health and safety accounting

Every four years at our congress the union adopts an action plan on future policy.
The latest action plan focuses especially on health and safety. One of the measures called for by the union is “health and safety accounting”, to count the costs of an unsatisfactory working environment.
The union’s goal is that “employees should be at least as healthy when they leave their place of work as they were when they arrived, and preferably a little healthier and more motivated.”

Information on stress and working conditions is continuously collected by the union from all over Denmark. This information is then discussed in the joint consultation committee with the National Police Commission, with a view to resolving problems and anomalies.

Workplace-oriented organisation

It is the aim of the union that all categories of police personnel should be organised in the same union, to give more weight in negotiations. 

After the merger with the Association of Police and Court Clerical Staff, and later with the Danish Criminal Police Association at the end of the 90s, the Police Union organizes almost all the personnel groups found at a police station, except for clerical staff belonging to the Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark, who have rejected an offer of acceptance into the Police Union.